Friday, September 26, 2008

A UFO becomes an FO: the Fuzzy Scarf

Some time last year I fished two balls of a Red Heart's Cupid yarn out of a "discontinued" bin at the variety store where we get groceries. While I'm not a fan of Red Heart, especially the scratch acrylic worsted that people used to crochet granny square skirts and toilet tissue covers out of, this particular yarn is soft and I liked the pastel pink-violet-green-white colorway. Over on the You Grow Girl forums, Gayla Trail has been collecting knitted stuff every year from folks to give to a women's shelter in Toronto, and I've knitted some hats for her drive. This yarn seemed like a good pick: fuzzy, warm, washable, but with a luxuriant softness. I started a simple scarf in moss stitch, but set it aside and hadn't worked on it in quite a while.

It seems that the knitting group I joined is going to collect for our own women's shelter in a couple of weeks, so that was good impetus to finish this scarf. It's amazing what charity knitting does to one's knitting speed, what with deadlines and all. The scarf is about 5 feet long, knit from two balls of Cupid yarn, seven stitches across on size eight needles, moss stitch all the way. Easy-peasy.

1 comment:

Pooch said...

Very pretty scarf! You are so right about those lovely colors!

Really like the kimomo vest you made, so I'm printing the pattern from Crystal Palace as we, as I type!!



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