Friday, September 19, 2008

Why it would be fabulous to be Myrna Loy

Why? Because she got to wear scads of glamorous, elegant fashions like this:

And like this:

And better still, she got to dress up with accessories like this (the "accessory" on the right of the picture, I mean):

And like this (the "accessory" on the left):

And even the cute little "accessory" in the middle here:

Pity about the hats, though:

Sigh sigh... if only elegance like hers would come back into fashion. I do so tire of "fashions" on the runway that look like a head-on collision between a Vandal horde and a traveling circus.


Jen C in Michigan said...

ok, now you've got me yearning for a night of The Thin Man movies...

Anonymous said...

Oh so pretty. I think that little doggie is a Wired Haired Fox Terrier- we had one growing up. His name was Sir Hubert Hamilton Hook (we just called him Hamilton).

Hissy Stitch said...

Of course, all Thin Man fans know that little guy is Asta. I wonder how many wire-haired fox terriers people went out and bought and named Asta when the movie came out?

Fran said...

I really love The Thin Man movies, too; especially when accompanied by a martini. :)

And Myrna Loy was indeed very fortunate. I know what you mean about modern fashion.


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