Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kimono vest: Knitting phase is done

The actual knitting phase for the Kimono Vest is done, which means we now move from the charming Knitting of Garment phase on to the less charming Weaving In of Ends Phase, followed by the Sewing Up of Seams phase, to finally Putting On of Garment phase, that latter of which is the whole point for a product-oriented knitter like me. (If you're a process knitter, this is probably the point where you start thinking, "Hey, where's that lovely mohair I bought the other day? Why isn't that on the needles yet? And oh, check out that new pattern! I think I have something in the stash for that... no? I don't? Where's my credit card?")

We shall not discuss the Discovering Armband is Too Short phase, followed by the Knit And Weave In Patch phase. The Souffle yarn is nubby enough to hide such oddments. Fortunately. The error was at the front, of course.

I laid this out on the grass because I wanted more color in the pictures. The white cutting table I've been using for a background is so... well... white.

We shall also not discuss the Stepping in Something Soft in One's Stocking Feet While Photographing incident, which produced the cry of, "Oh, crap!" which is exactly what the Something Soft was. Oh, crap.


Miss 376 said...

Oh the price we have to pay for our art! I hated sewing up. A long time ago, I paid a friend to do all my sewing up so I could just knit. I now do it up, and though it's not my favourite part,it is lovely to see something flat and lifeless become a garment.

Paul Pincus said...

i love this!


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