Thursday, August 20, 2009

FO: "brainless" no more!

Done at last!

My "brainless" socks were on pause while we flew off to Indiana, since I didn't want to risk losing my expensive Addi Turbo circulars in security. Two other pairs of socks later, I'm back to finishing "brainless."

One thing I ended up doing differently from the pattern is I thought the twisted rib stitch was supposed to be throughout the entire leg. It wasn't -- it was for the cuff only. The twist makes the ribbing bias, so now the whole leg biases, alas. A little annoying, but nothing that will make the sock unwearable.

Love the color. It's Blurple from Three Fates Knitting, kettle-dyed blue/purple blend. Lovely and soft. (Psst... there's still another skein in stock!)

One thing about sock knitting is that it really can become addictive. As I finished "brainless," I wasn't thinking, "What's my next project?" but rather, "What's my next sock?" Really, socks are so portable and knit up so quickly that they're the candy of the knitting world. Or maybe the potato chips -- you can't knit just one pair. (As for knitting just one sock, well, we've all heard of the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome.)

However, I do have some skeins of linen in my stash that I'd picked up long ago, thinking I'd make a vest or something. I thought it would make good summer knitting, since we're in a second heat wave and while I'd like to be working on Twist and Shout, it's too hot to have a pile of alpaca in my lap. I haven't found a pattern that I liked for a linen vest or shrug, and there's not enough for even a short-sleeved sweater, but this pattern for a market bag in Bag Style seemed like a good fit:

I've got enough of the linen yarn to make two. Sweet -- I'll look totally stylish at the Farmer's Market. I can already predict the conversation: "Where did you get that bag? You made it? Really? Wow, you could make and sell those and make a lot of money!" Ah-hah. Ah-hah. Ah-hahahahahahaaaa! Yeah.


Amoena said...

I think that cable-thingie looks really nice on the sides! :)

Knitlark said...

Love the color of the socks. Cute name, too .. Brainless Socks. I am a new sock knitter, so I cannot go brainless quite yet. Terrific blog.

P.S. I have a lactose intolerant kitty, too.

Nalamienea said...

Man I wish the socks I'm knitting seemed easier like how you describe! It's just getting... tedious I guess. And I'm not even through the first sock!

Chandi said...

Very cool socks. I have yet to finish my first pair... sigh.


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