Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday! Ice cream! Wizards! Noodles! Cows!

Hard to believe that it's been 21 years since this young man came into the world:

We went up to Portland yesterday to take my son James and his girlfriend Nicole to lunch to celebrate James' 21st birthday. So what did we do? Bar hop? Definitely not... James made reservations for Mama Mia's, a lovely little Italian cafe for lunch.

Then bar hop? Heck no. The Tillamook company was commemorating 100 years in the dairy industry with a celebration in Pioneer Courthouse Square, a few blocks from the restaurant, and James wanted to go there for ice cream and cheese. We rode the Max light rail (free in the downtown area) the short distance, then stood in line for our free Tillamook ice cream (they were taking donations for a local homeless shelter). We tossed bean bags and won Tilly the Cow toys, and spun a wheel for prizes. Nicole scored the biggest by winning a cheese slicer.

Then bar hop? Heavens, no. We went back to their apartment to open presents, then went to see the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Baked Plot... er Half-Blood Prince. It was very well done, and fully as dark as the book. By then it was dinner time, so we went to Noodles, which was in the same mall as the movie theater. Yum, yum! Now that's doing fast food right!

Now, I know very well that James is planning to join some of his old buddies from his Boy Scout days and some new friends on Sunday to go... bar hopping? Naw. They're going up to Mt. Hood Skibowl to go "sledging" on the 1/2 mile alpine slides, which James' troop did every year (click the movie reel picture to see a video of the action). Wheee, looks like fun!

If there's any alcohol involved in James' 21st birthday weekend, he hasn't told me about it. Did I get the lucky draw with sons or what?


Snarfy said...

Aww K~! You should have taken him bar hopping! Or at least one drink!

My dad and I forced my little brother to drink a half yard of beer at Yard House for his 21 ;)

Lupie said...

Your son sound like a great kid.
It is odd having adult children and I still have a little hard time with it sometimes.
I think with a soon to be 26 and 29 year olds I need to get over it.

Nana Jackie said...

Congratulations, Mom! It's a man!
My older daughter turned 34 about 10 days ago. When we Skyped her to wish her a happy birthday, both she and her husband had forgotten all about it. Yeah, I didn't believe her, either. Him, I believed.


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