Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Basement remodel: Part 1 finished!


All the dark wood paneling is bright shiny white now. Looks a WHOLE lot lighter and more inviting than before. We also undid the lower shelf and put it up higher. It was pretty low to be functional. Ignore the warping in the boards. The "handyman" who lived in this house before us made them himself and like everything else he did, they're a little cockeyed. I'd rather use them then have to dispose of and replace them, so we'll live with the slight warp.

Next steps: Clear out things to be thrown out, move stuff around, and paint the blank wallboard walls. Also get my hands on some white wainscot to go on the walls.


Nalamienea said...

looks great! :) job well done!

lunaticraft said...

Very nice!

interior wall mold removal products said...

You have done a very good job indeed...it is very hard to remodel and needs a lot of planning in advance.

Shannon said...

Looks fabulous. Personally I would have tore the paneling off cause that's my dad did when we had that old stuff. But now that it's painted I would totally think you should paint little butterfly's or what ever you like to make it more crafty.
It's definitely hard work and it look so much better!


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