Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Friday" finds

I forgot to post these yesterday. A few interesting tidbits from around the innernets:
  • Check out this "new," or newly discovered, or at least newly discovered to the general knitting world beyond its lucky owner, Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater with interesting detailing on the sleeves. Can't wait for the pattern to come out!
  • The FTC has come out with a statement about "bamboo" fabrics. While there's been much discussion on Ravelry about rayons made from bamboo, the labels on yarn and fabric often don't clearly say that "bamboo" is rayon. It's not (as I first thought when I saw "bamboo" yarn for the first time) linen-like bast fibers from the bamboo stems, but the labels don't say "rayon made from bamboo." Sounds like the FTC may require some truth in labeling. Not that "bamboo" isn't lovely fiber, but when it's touted as "green" fiber simply because it was originally plant-based (before it was ground up, chemically treated, and the cellulose extracted and extruded) then we're edging into shady territories that the FTC gets testy about.
  • What a great tool if you're a chart-based knitter and have a stitch pattern that is written out: Knitting Chart Generator. It's a little laborious to type in all the stitches, but hey, it's free!
  • How about some felted fiber rocks for your desk? Or for a pincushion? Or to throw at the gum-cracking cubicle rat next door?
  • Would you like to help knit a poem?
  • Check out these wee bitty knitted dollhouse things in (let me recheck the spelling here) Lia Hougenhout's poppenhuis en miniaturen wereled.

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