Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We knit in a gingerbread house!

The place where my knitting group meets is the IKE Box, formerly a mortuary (!), converted into a coffee house, meeting place, band venue, and the home of Isaac's Room Foundation, which provides services to at-risk youth.

It looks like this:

But when I went for spinning last Sunday, it looked like this:

and like this:

Someone had done up a beautiful scale model of the building in gingerbread, with lots of seasonal trimmings.

They even got some spiffy details in. I saw that the roof was dusted in powdered sugar "snow," and noticed a couple of scratch marks. I thought, "Aw, someone had to go and mess it up," until I looked closer and realized...

... those are the marks of a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer!

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