Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I've got the best knitting group ever

Seriously. I do. When I hear about this or that other group getting uptight or negative or gossipy, I look at mine and wonder, "Why would they want to do that when they could get along and do good things for each other like we do?"

Like just tonight -- Long story here but to summarize, one gal in the group went from engaged and a bright future to breakup, single mom again, and facing homelessness all in one go. Some friends came through with the deposits for an apartment for her, and folks from the knitting group have been amassing and offering things she needs for the apartment.

And tonight we threw her a party.

Lots of folks came. We filled the ballroom in the IKE Box, brought goodies, brought our knitting...

And brought presents. I brought a much-needed book case, some small toys and goodies for the kids, and some lovely Malabrigo worsted. Other folks brought more housewares and toys and yarn.

So our gal went home with a lot of good stuff to help her get set up in her new place and make sure that she and the kids have a lovely Christmas.

I've got the BEST knitting group EVER!

1 comment:

Rosie Crooks said...

Agreed a fine group of people! :)


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