Sunday, December 25, 2011

To all who celebrate it, Merry Christmas from our house!

You shoulda seen the purple and magenta sunrise, because my camera sure didn't do justice to it! So dawned Christmas morning.

We unstuffed the stockings first, then had a hot breakfast of eggs, potatoes, and chicken-and-apple sausage. As you can see, Number One Son got coal in his stocking, but it's the peppermint and chocolate kind from Trader Joe's.

The tree was all a-glow, with presents underneath.

Even the kitties got some new toys, which Belle promptly drooled all over.

After breakfast, we unwrapped the gifts, which was mostly "just what I wanted!" thanks to Amazon's handy wishlist feature.

My "just what I wanted" gift came in a box ready to assemble:

And quickly assembled into a cute little Schacht Cricket Loom! Hoorah! Tomorrow I will warp it and set forth to learning how to weave.

I also got a stack of books, and behind them, a Jeeves clock, a.k.a. a  Good Morning Madam Talking Alarm Clock that wakes one gently with slightly apologetic phrases voiced by Stephen Fry.

Next, it's off to Christmas dinner at my mother's house.

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Mereknits said...

Karen I am jealous about your new loom, I have been eying them and have been tossing back and forth which kind to buy. Please let me know how it works and if you love it. Merry Christmas,


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