Monday, December 19, 2011

In a creative mood: "My Gal Friday" commences

For years I've had a 1940s knitting magazine in my collection that had several sweaters on my mental "must knit someday" list. I finally decided I was going to tackle one of them, and of course I chose the one that has instructions for one size only, no indication of finished dimensions, a given gauge but doesn't state whether it's over the pattern stitch or stockinette, and calls for a yarn that no longer exists and that I can't find any information for. Yeah, yeah, no problem.

Creating this sweater in a size that fits me is going to require some restructuring and rewriting of the pattern. What's more, it's knitted in separate pieces, as most sweaters were, but even the front/neck band is knitted separately and sewn on. While I could do that, I thought, "Why?"

So in addition to mapping it out for my size, I'm also going to design a pattern where the body is knitted in one piece. I haven't decided what to do about the front band. I could, I suppose, knit it in moss stitch as part of the body. Or pick up and knit separately. At any rate, while I'm engineering it for my size, I'm figuring out how it could be knit in other sizes. Then I'll line up some test knitters and in the end, produce this as a for-sale pattern.

I'm calling it "My Gal Friday," because, well, just look at that model. Doesn't she look like she should be picking up a phone and saying, "Mr. Doodlebug's office, how may I help you?"


Katie said...

I could probably be persuaded to test knit. ;)

Karen said...

Katie: Great! We'll talk about that.


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