Monday, July 5, 2010

Tour de Fleece: Day 3

Well, it's a start on the other ounce of pygora top that I'm working on:

Actually I have more, a total of four ounces, but I want a 2 ounce sample for the fair.

Here's why I didn't make so much progress as I otherwise might have on this day off:

Twist and Shout is finally finished! I did up the collar and sewed on a vintage button this afternoon. Only when I was done did I realize that I didn't do the collar quite at the instructions said, and I got a collar that overlaps. Well, it's going to be entered in the Marion County fair tomorrow regardless.

And speaking of finished projects, I never posted my Shalom Cardigan that I made with the custom yarn I got from Yarnia:

A bit heavy, but oh, so warm on chilly spring days. I modified the yoke a little -- two fewer rows on each tier -- and used four buttons instead of just one. The little square glass buttons were just the right touch.


Sara said...

I love the Shalom.

Nina said...

Nice post, i learnt lots of new things. Good luck!


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