Monday, July 19, 2010

Tour de Fleece Day 17: Luxury of luxuries

Ah, the silk/merino yarn washed up nicely, and with some fulling and whacking, it fluffed up a bit. At least, as much as silk will fluff up. Some dye bleeding, so I'll have to be careful washing and blocking this in the future, but otherwise, quite lovely.

And a close-up, of course. Just like a good washing and blocking of a knit garment, a thorough washing and whacking (and fulling, if appropriate) does wonders to help even out the tension in handspun yarn:

Now on to the most luxurious item in the stash... mmmm, the Qiviut! The short, fluffy fibers are a new challenge, and I'm finding a semi-woolen draw with a fast whorl to put plenty of twist in the singles is working well.

Visually, not much to look at, I'll admit that. Sort of gray-brown and tweedy. But oh, this is deliciously soft! Not the silkiness of pygora or angora, but a tender, plushy softness. I could happily sleep on this stuff and never, ever want to get out of bed again.

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