Friday, July 2, 2010

This is my new super power. What's yours?

I can start with some of this merino top (Winter Plum from Three Fates Knitting):

Then I can spin it down thin until I get one:


bobbins full of very thin singles. Then I can twist the three together like so:

and skein it up on a niddy-noddy like so:

and shazam! About 485 yards of 3-ply light fingering weight totally knittable yarn!

Up close, you can see the marled colors. Mmm.

Now that all the bobbins are cleared, I'm ready for Tour de Fleece, which starts tomorrow! Rev up your wheels, we're off!

I hear there's some kind of bicycle race, too, or something that just happens to start on the same day. I might try to look into that...


sara said...

Oh yummy. Reminds me of grape soda.

Katie said...

I make people. ;)

Lizzie said...

Oh I want to sit and knit with it today! its beautiful.


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