Monday, July 12, 2010

Tour de Fleece Day 10: Rest Day

The Tour de France bicyclists are resting today, and so the Tour de Fleece spinners get a day off -- of spinning, anyhow. Probably a good idea to rest my hands after yesterday, but rest totally? Not quite. I spent today reading academic papers and doing a few things to get ready for my summer class, then came home and made:

one dozen 4 ounce jars of currant jelly. From my own currants. I picked and juiced them nearly a week ago, and then we got hit with a heat wave so it's been too, too hot for making and canning jelly. Today the temperatures finally cooled down. Mmmm, sweet 'n tangy currant jelly!

I may comb out some more of my fleece this evening, then on to spinning again tomorrow.

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