Wednesday, May 27, 2009

THAT scarf... the one everyone is making...

...I've been meaning to make one, too. And why not? I like wearing "decorative" scarves (you know, silk scarves and such worn as accessories), I like wearing my hand-knits, and I absolutely adore the shiny, luscious, soft, soft, soft Alchemy Synchronicity wool-silk blend that I discovered at Knit Purl.

Only, with just two skeins I have something over 200 yards, not enough for a full-sized Clapotis. It will have to be scarf-sized, long and narrow, so it will take a little experimenting to figure out when to finish the increases and later, when to begin the decreases.

I wanted a relatively simple project for under-desk knitting, and I need something I can take to graduation to work on during the interminable speeches. Not that I'm required to attend the graduation ceremonies, but when else do I get to parade around in the Doctoral robe and hood that I worked so hard to earn?

ETA: Just to clarify, I'm not among the graduates this year. That was actually 2007. Now I get to march with the faculty. Nevertheless it's still a kick every time I get to call myself "Doctor." There is great truth in this graph:

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Katie said...

I like the name you found for it. I'll still tease you about having "the Clap", though!

You should totally take every opportunity possible to swank in your doctoral regalia!

Anonymous said...

I'm making a Clapotis next month or the one after, I think. I really love the look and have never made one! Yours is going to look lovely, even if it is scarf-sized. :)

And congrats on graduating! I'm still working on my PhD and am looking forward to being done.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting your PhD! Those robes are crazy! At my (bachelor's) graduation this weekend, I spent the whole time amazed at the awesome Rennaisance outfits all the doctoral candidates were wearing.

Alexandra said...

Congratulations on your graduation! That yarn looks beautiful! Great title! When I saw it, I knew it was the Clapotis!

Anonymous said...

I've made a couple of scarf sized Clapotises (Plural of Clapotis... hmmmm, not sure on that!) Anyway, I digress... they are lovely - one was for a gift, the other is all mine, and it's delightfully warm but light. Enjoy your knitting :)


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