Sunday, May 31, 2009

Forecast calls for intermittent baby showers

In a previous adventure, we navigated to a surprise baby shower for fellow Raveler, Stephania. Naturally, since it was a surprise shower, Stephania didn't know about it. Neither did her sister, who planned another shower for the weekend following. No problem. I relish a challenge! Though I'd already turned out a blanket, why not see if I could whip up something else, a bit smaller this time? With some Rowan Denim left from Blu, I concocted a couple of baby bibs, using the super-simple Baby Bib O'Love pattern from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book:

One in ecru and light denim blue, adorned with a "Cook" badge from my vintage Girl Scout badge collection (something food-related seemed appropriate):

And one in dark and light denim yarns, with "Troop Camper" because the blues looked nice, and to be anti-gender-stereotypical:

I do think everyone liked them:

There were a ton of presents at the shower. Lucky baby! Lucky Stephania and Josh! A few of the handmade highlights included a baby blanket with a soft satin edge, because every baby needs a blanket with a satin ribbon edge:

A blanket hand-knit from Blue-faced Leister yarn, sure to be an heirloom:

A pair of pretty lavender coveralls with white ruffles:

A hand knit ruffly pink hat to match a little strawberry romper:

Lotsa socks! Bitty socks, none of which match exactly so there's no worries about losing one of a pair:

And itty bitty Mary Jane shoesies! Say it with me now: Awwwwwwww!

All we need now is the baby to go with it all. Coming soon!

And you know what? Baby shower season isn't over yet. There are more small ones being assembled within the group even now. Yay, more excuses to make tiny adorable things! My "baby" is six-foot-three and in college now, and as such not at all eager to produce any young 'uns of his own yet, so I must get my baby thrills where I can.


Katie said...

You're welcome to be thrilled with L any time! :D

Lupie said...

Lucky Mom and Baby!

Anonymous said...

Love the bibs! So cute!

Megan said...

Adorable bibs! That is one lucky family.

The pink hat looks like the Miss Dashwood hat. Very pretty.


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