Monday, May 4, 2009

This stash enhancement really must slow down...

I had a $50 gift certificate for the Rose and Ram Knit Shop that had been lurking in my knitting bag since the Super Bowl knit-in, and I thought maybe I ought to do something with it. I went in for some circular needles in sizes 1 and 2 so I could learn to do socks with the two-circulars method.

They had the size 1 needles in stock, but no size 2. They also didn't have the sock book I was hoping to pick up. Hmm, well then, what else should I do with the certificate? Ho, hum, I suppose I could take a look at the yarn (oh, twist my arm!).

I came out with a book on spindle spinning and two skeins of this nice Poems sock yarn that I haven't tried before. Low-priced, feels pretty soft, and lots of nice colors. I almost picked up a skein of brilliant rainbow colors, but opted for something more muted.

For now.

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