Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Dragon Emerges Damply. With Cats.

The twisted cable-like lace pattern on the Dragon Breath socks is emerging. I'm nearly done with the second time through the 24-row lace repeat. Somehow or another, I end up short one stitch each time I transition from row 12 to row 13, where the design says you have to move a marker two stitches back to make the pattern come out right. Each time I've ended up tinking back and re-knitting three or four times.

The fine-gauge Malabrigo is knitting up at a smaller row-gauge (or rather, more rows per inch, to state it correctly) than the pattern calls for, so I'll do a third repeat, since I want taller socks anyway, and I think I have enough yardage.

And now, for the weather: rain, rain, rain. It didn't stop Wild Bill from going out for a little salad:

which I'm sure he will promptly hork up somewhere.

He may not mind the weather so much, but I've got two field trips to run tomorrow, taking biology students out in the forest. I hope they took my warnings about rain gear seriously. Anyone showing up in sandals and shorts will be smacked. Or just given The Look.

Gizmo is happy to stay indoors and get her ample belly brushed.


Silvia M. said...

The lace pattern is beautiful and your kitties are adorable!

Kim in Oregon said...

Lurve the socks.
Are you having beautiful sun today? I hope so, we are in Eugene.
Will you be coming down for BSG? If so, I'd love to meet you in person.


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