Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Secret Project, revealed!

Last month, I posted a peek at the Secret Project, even though the indoor lighting made the colors all wonky:
Now here it is, revealed, the Moderne Baby Blanket (sort of!) from Mason-Dixon Knitting:

I say "sort of," because I used Mission Falls 1824 Cotton yarn rather than the lighter yarn that the pattern called for, and I was doing a stash-buster project. I'd bought the yarn last year for the Pondemonium sweater, as the yarn shop owner directed me to it when I said I wanted DK-weight cotton for a baby sweater. Ahem. Mission Falls cotton is aran-weight, most definitely not DK! So I'd had all these single balls of yarn sitting in my stash waiting for the perfect project, and up comes another baby shower. Okay, if I can't use the yarn for one baby project, I'll use it for another! I had to figure out my own color layout and fudge the sizes of some of the shapes to fit the amount of yarn I had, but it all worked out.

The important thing was that I had it done in time for the shower, which was yesterday:

The shower was for Stephania (of Three Fates Yarns, Moirae on Ravelry), who is expecting in July. Now, when a knitting group holds a baby shower, you can bet there will be lots of hand-knits and other handmade goodies. I got lots of pictures, but I'll only put a small sampling here, like the cow blanket:

The sweet little dress:
Sheldon the turtle!
And another pretty baby dress:
There were babies in attendance as well, like Lina, who is on a serious mission here to explore the back yard:
And Gwen, soaking up the sun:
Lina and Eli thoroughly explored the wonders of the dog's water bowl:

Though the dog didn't seem to mind:

Helen (BlueDragon on Ravelry) hosted the shindig in her back yard. There was a good deal of photography:

And a good deal of eating after the barbecue was fired up:


Katie said...

Yay, pictures!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun baby shower with lots of cool handmade stuff! Your blanket turned out great. :)

Megan said...

The blanket came out so well, she is so lucky to have a shower thrown by a bunch of knitters! Great job!

VictoriaG said...

Sweet blanket! Love it...I haven't tried that one yet...well, I take it back, I tried, but kept adding on the wrong/right side so there was a row of color change showing...grrrrr! Yours is so pretty though :-)

Leeanne said...

OOWEE I love the blanket very nice and the babies are soo adorable.


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