Monday, July 8, 2013

Tour de Fleece, Day 10

Second bobbin finished today! That's 9.7 ounces total, spun very fine, down almost to "frog hair" in some places. Next I'll cable these together, making two bobbins of 2-ply, and then ply those together to make a 4-ply cabled yarn. At least that's the plan. I need to weigh the bobbins and then keep weighing as I ply to try to get even amounts of 2-ply onto two bobbins.

Now mind you, while I'm doing this Tour thing, I'm also working frantically on the county fair which starts in ::insert anguished scream here:: two days! Not only am I the textiles superintendent and have to do the intake tomorrow evening, supervise the judging on Wednesday morning, set up the entire display (with volunteer help) Wednesday afternoon, I'm also the volunteer coordinator and I'm still rounding up volunteers to run the info booths. The fun never stops around here.

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