Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Behind the Scenes at the County Fair: Setup and Intake

Ever enter things in the County Fair or State Fair, and wonder what happens after you hand your entries over? So happens I'm the Superintendent of Textiles for our local County Fair, so let's take a peek behind the scenes today, on intake day.

The interior of the building where the Open Class exhibits, some of the commercial booths, and the indoor stage, is starting to come together. A local college football team came in and did a lot of the heavy work of moving racks of tables, putting up pipe and drape, and all of that. I've got the Textiles demo area laid out with tables for the incoming entries.

The quilt racks rolled into place and I'm starting to get my area set up:

The cases had been stored in the barns and came in filthy. A big part of today was cleaning them.

And cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. This is where volunteers come in handy, and I've got good folks from my knitting group who come to help:

At 3:00 the front doors opened and folks started coming in with their entries. A quilt club helps out every year with intake. The exhibits are piling up, and I'm getting them arranged by Class and  Lot number. We had to check the tags for accuracy and make sure things were entered in the correct Lots, the tag had the correct Class number, the people went home with the claim slip, there were names on the tags, and so on.

The cabinets kept getting moved around. We're still working out a final arrangement. Last year I only had four, two side by side and two more back-to-back with them. This year we worked out a new floor plan and we're putting the cases against the wall, spreading out into areas that were kind of bare last year. Now it's really starting to look like a Textiles exhibit.

I used a poster printer at work to make a couple of educational posters, one with quilt patterns, the other  titled "Sheep to Sweater." The informational table has flyers with local knitting and quilting groups, coloring pages for the kids, a "how to enter the fair" flyer, and a sign-up sheet for people who want an email when the Class lists go up.

Tomorrow: Judging day, then we have the afternoon to get everything put into the cases and ready for the fair to begin the next day.

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