Thursday, September 16, 2010

From Heaven to H#!!

That 198 yds of Heaven that I started? And have been merrily knitting along on? And am 3/4 of the way done with? That triangular kerchief?


It would be triangular the correct direction, if, it turns out, there were YOs on each side of the center stitch.

Which are not indicated on the chart. Anywhere.

And only kinda in the written directions, if you carefully follow stitch-by-stitch, but not explicitly as, "do this, this, and this up to center stitch, YO, knit center stitch, YO..." I only inferred it from comparing the written instructions to the charts stitch-by-stitch and examining the one photo that shows the finished kerchief laid out flat.

The instructions do say that one has to be experienced in knitting triangular shawls to tackle this pattern, that it's not meant to be a tutorial of shawl construction. I didn't expect "experienced" and "not a tutorial" to mean "knitter must be able to infer or psychically receive missing chart directions."

So now my squareish/triangular the wrong direction scarf is heading straight back to the frog pond for a re-do. Damn. And I was this close to finishing. I was gonna have it done tomorrow!

So if anyone else is planning to knit the thing -- and really, except for that detail, this pattern isn't that hard -- let me make one thing perfectly clear: THERE SHOULD BE A YO ON EITHER SIDE OF THE CENTER STITCH. 'Kay, then.

Dagnabit, I conquered Ishbel. This shouldn't be that hard.

Note to self: When finally getting around to writing down and distributing designs currently under production, it would be a really, really good idea to include complete instructions. It's no use leaving out bits and thinking, "Well, EVERYONE knows to do THAT, so no need to put it in the directions," 'cause someone is sure to get pissed and blog about it.


Mereknits said...

So sorry about your shawl. Frogging hurts doesn't it? I wonder if there are five stages of knitting grief?

Good luck, and by the way I thought it looked beautiful.


Amy J said...

Thanks for sharing....this is one that's in the queue. I've already made a note on the pattern :) My dh will thank you...although he does laugh at all the frogging.... ;)

Helen B said...

Ah, rats! And it was looking so sweet! At least you have the consolation that you were able to figure out the problem and the fix on your own - that is over half the battle.


Katie said...

This is why having someone test knit/check your pattern for typos BEFORE you publish is VERY IMPORTANT!!! *coff*

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info!


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