Saturday, September 18, 2010

198 yds of H#!! reboot

So, after the whole 198 yds of Heaven fiasco, I did what any sensible knitter would do. I frogged the whole thing, skeined the yarn, washed it and...

...went wild and crazy and dumped the whole thing the dye pot.

Well, the original color was kind of dull, a grayish beige with faint tweedy bits of pale blue and lilac. It's a blend of silk and cotton, so I knew that both fibers would react to the dye differently, enhancing the tweedy look. After soaking in vinegar and water, I dyed it with a little bit of blue at a time, and drizzled some dilute purple onto the yarn in the bowl, making subtle purple variegation here and there.

The results: a pale gray-blue tweed with lilac highlights.

Now, with a new dye job, the yarn's karma should be sufficiently re-set to tackle this pattern again. 

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