Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Special Delivery -- by Luftpost!

Oh, happy day! The mail carrier delivered a little slip for a package sent all the way from Germany by registered mail.

Oh, lucky day! I got to the post office just at 5:00, and they still let me in the door because I was only picking up a package.

Oh, joy! I came home bearing this:

Careful application of a pair of scissors opened the outer mailer, revealing this:

Cute, huh? Knitting terms in German and English.

And cutting the tape and opening the paper bag reveals... hoorah! My Wollmeise!

Plus a complimentary knitting pattern, Wollmeise sticker, and little bag of gummi bears.

I wish my camera captured purples better. The yarn looks very blue in the picture, but definitely shades of purple-blue and purple-red in real life. Here 'tis in the fading natural light of the day:

Edison approves, too!

So there is is, my first completed Wollmeise purchase direct from the website! Hoorah!


Sara said...

oooo. I'm so jealous! Edison is a doll!

Mereknits said...

Congrats... The yarn looks so beautiful. I am knitting with some purple silk right now, love it. Good luck,

Keya said...

Gorgeous! Lucky! And I think we have the same knitting kitty. Either that, or mine is slumming.

Anonymous said...

I am a little bit late with my comment. I bet by now you turned that yarn into something gorgeous. I was born and raised in Germany and loved to knit. Once I knitted 8 sweaters for Christmas presents. My co-worker owned sheep and that's where I got my supply.

Germans have a different way of knitting, its faster. I always wanted to teach that in this country. I also had speed knitting needles that I could never find here.
Tshau, Christine


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