Monday, May 3, 2010

Pigs take flight, ice rink opens in Hades...

... and Sunday morning when I, just fiddling around in the web, opened the Wollmeise In Stock list, the result a few minutes later was this:

Happy dance, happy dance, I just happened to hit a totally random shop update and successfully ordered two skeins of Wollmeise for my very own!

According to the panel of Wollmeise experts that I polled (that would be two people in my knitting group), the shop updates are usually on a Thursday or a Friday at a time that ends up being somewhere around midnight or the wee hours of the morning for those of us on Pacific time. If you use Firefox as a browser, you can add a page update checker that will make noises at you whenever any page of your choosing is updated. So the strategy is to leave Firefox open with the page update notifier checking the Wollmeise In Stock List, and pounce as soon as the shop update begins.

Or, it appears, you can wander in at random times and sometimes get lucky.

So winging their way to me right now are two skeins of Der letzte Versuch 80/20 Twin in all their shaded purple glory:

I was hoping there would be enough yardage in the two skeins for the Myrtle Cardigan that I have queued. At 510 yards per skein for the Twin (according to the Ravelry database) I might come up short (the pure wool is listed at 575 yards per skein). Well... it could be a cap-sleeved cardigan to wear as a vest.


Nalamienea said...

wow! Congrats!!

Sara said...

Oh! It is beautiful!


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