Saturday, May 1, 2010

The best knitting group EVAH...

... is the Salem Area Ravelers, which meets at the Ike Box on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. There are offshoot groups, too, so no one in our town needs to be without a knitting group. So it's a remodeled mortuary, that's okay. It's now a great place to hang out.

We've got all ages, shapes, sizes, colors, and talents.

Newcomers can get coaching, or some are veteran knitters who bring their own sets of skills.

Even the young 'uns sometimes join in the fun.

And some are still looking forward to developing the fine motor skills necessary, while already eyeing mom's stash.

That's bitty li'l Josephine from a prior post, bright-eyed and growing like crazy.

If you don't have yourself a knitting group yet, Ravelry is one place to find one.

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Snarfy said...

Yay! I love us :)


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