Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hoorah! Dragons for the 4th!

Check out these dragons!

Yes, the Dragon Breath socks in Malabrigo are finally finished. Last night I sat down to finish the toe on the second sock and wove the ends in. They came out quite nice, I think, though the second sock, as so often happens, came out a teensy bit larger. Why is it we so often knit more loosely on the second sock?

Ignore the lawn that needs mowing and the glaring whiteness of leg and admire the swirly goodness of the Dragon Breath sock lace!

Now, for a patriotic bit. Those of you in the U.S., put on your red, white, and blue, grab a flag, and sing along as the Muppets butcher... er perform the Stars and Stripes Forever!


Katie said...

What are you talking about, your moon tan is gorgeous!

So are the socks. :)

Lupie said...

Love them! They are now on my daughters list to make.


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