Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dragon and a half and more Friday Finds

Now that I'm finally catching on to how the lace pattern works, the Dragon Breath socks are sailing along. This was supposed to be a Malabrigo Knit-along with some of the group, but some people are having trouble getting started and while I've slowed progress down deliberately -- well, I'd like to get these socks done! Especially now that I've "got it" with the pattern. I don't want to lose "it!"

I'm lovin' this Malabrigo sock yarn. Very soft, and the smoky teal/bronze colorway so suits this pattern.

Now, for yarny news from the cyberworld, here are a handful of interesting finds:
  • Bogus yarn a threat to the U.S. textile industry? When South American textile mills stopped buying yarn from a U.S. company because they could get "U.S." yarns cheaper from a different company, alarm bells went off. Turns out the cheap "U.S." company is a phoney front for yarn spinning mills in China and Pakistan. Foul!
  • Ever thought of knitting a wedding dress? I can't say I had, but the results are gorgeous!
  • Petite Purls has its summer patterns up. Lots of cute knits for the young 'uns.
  • Have you seen the 3-50 project for keeping locally-owned businesses alive and well? Yet another good excuse to go shopping at your local yarn store!
  • Here's an interesting research article on blogger ethics. Some unspoken rules seem to permeate the blogosphere.


Katie said...

The only reason I haven't been chugging on my Peacocks is because I've been working on samples for Stephania. Never fear, they're my priority (socks) when the sample's done!

Megan said...

Pretty sock yarn- I've got to try the Malabrigo.

I did see that wedding dress from IK a while ago on Ravelry, someone else had made it first and it was very pretty.

Nalamienea said...

they're beautiful! I love your new socks!


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