Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mmm... new sock yarn!

There went a chunk of my birthday money! I ordered these two skeins of 100% merino sock yarn from Three Fates Yarns on Etsy. Stephania brought them to the knitting meet-up this afternoon and we all got to pet and cuddle them. The shades fo blue and bronze at the top is Pirate's Cove, while the blue-purple blend at the bottom (which looks a shade more purple in real life) is Blurple. I don't know what patterns I'll use yet for these, but I know I have plenty of good patterns to choose from!

We also got to check out some of her newly-dyed rovings and bamboo sock yarn. She's doing a special order for me in shades of deep blue, purple, and black, so I'll have yet a third skein for another special pair of socks pretty soon.


Megan said...

Money well spent. Those are beautiful! Enjoy and happy birthday!

lunaticraft said...

Oooo, yummy yarn. Happy Birthday! =D


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