Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And I thought I had problems...

Okay, so maybe it's not exactly knitting and needlework related but...

{/begin rant}
Here I am counting up the cash from some stitch marker sales, thinking about how best to spend it this Saturday as my Ravelry group goes on a spring Yarn Crawl, pondering how much more I can afford, what exactly I should be looking for, what I can set aside for impulse purchases... and I'm supposed to be sorry for this Bailout CEO's wife? Because, ZOMG, she can't be seen buying presents for friends at Bergdorf's because someone might possibly look daggers at her for spending bailout bucks at Bergdorf's? And this isn't an article from The Onion? Seriously?

Mind you, she still can afford to buy presents at Bergdorfs. She just has to be cagey so she isn't seen doing it.

Damn, I wish I had "problems" like that.

And here was I, fretting about piddly things like, oh, wondering how we'll be able to afford to replace the roof that really has to be replaced because if we don't, it will turn into an even more expensive problem... or making sure we set aside enough money each month to send to my mother-in-law so she doesn't have to choose between food, heating fuel, and heart medicine... or trying to save money ahead of time in anticipation of the inevitable vet bills that come with being soft-hearted enough to rescue and care for seven cats... or wondering if the DH's school district really will have to cut his salary to get through the next budget cycle... or wondering how soon my stepson will be able to find a new job since his company cut 25% of their employees and he was one of them...

Well, you get the picture. No worries here about whether I can be seen getting into a taxi with fistfulls of Bergdorf's shopping bags. Heck, I never even heard of Bergdorf's until I read this article.

Still, I'm one of the lucky ones. I have a job. DH has a job. Both of us have health insurance and retirement plans. I can afford some yarn, and even a Kindle.

Lamest quote from the article:

It also means we’re part of the community of more than 400 companies that have received government bailout funds, whose fall from grace has been swifter and harsher than any since Mao frog-marched intellectuals into China’s countryside.

Uh, really? Lady, you really think this is harsher than the Cultural Revolution? You've really been imprisoned inside of a Chinese concentration camp or its near equivalent?

HuffPo has a nice, rip-n-tear analysis of the article here.

{/end rant}


D. said...


lunaticraft said...

Yo, lady needs some perspective. Maybe she might want to do some research before comparing this kind of thing to Mao's marchouts. I know people who were caught up in the cultural revolution, and I can guarentee this lady, it wasn't anything like what she's experiencing.

(Oh, and rant on. We all need to rant once and a while! =D )

Megan said...

I feel like I read more and more news articles lately and double check to make sure I haven't mistakenly clicked on The Onion. sigh.

Jo said...

I completely missed this article. You're right, talk about needing to step back and take a look at the big picture.


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