Saturday, March 14, 2009

FO: Pondemonium!

The li'l white ducks and li'l green frogs and li'l black water skippers and li'l red snakes are all done -- knitted, embroidered, washed, and blocked! Pondemonium, after many false starts and frogging (appropriate, I suppose!) is finally finished! The embroidery itself took three evenings by itself to finish, and of course there was the Weaving In of Ends to accomplish. Since I'd woven many in as I went along, that wasn't too bad.

I used all-cotton Elann Sonata, and knowing that the cotton wouldn't be as elastic as the Rowan Wool Cotton that the pattern called for, I decided to do a button placket in one shoulder. A few rows before finishing the right shoulder, I ran a row of purl stitches, then did six rows of stockinette, then another row of purl stitches, and bound off. I worked four 2-stitch buttonholes in the front placket.

Then I had to find some appropriate buttons. Just plain buttons, maybe in white or blue, would have been okay, but I wanted to find something with a pond theme. Jo-Ann Fabrics has a display of fancy buttons for scrapbooks and craft projects, so I searched their offerings. There were frog buttons and duckling buttons, but all were too big, and complicated enough that buttoning in a wiggly baby would have been a challenge. After some looking, I found these green plastic turtle buttons. No turtles in the pattern, but it still fits the pond theme, and a row of little green turtles marching up one shoulder looks awfuly cute.

The sweater was much admired by the knitting group this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Oh so very cute.

lunaticraft said...

That is AMAZING. Haha, I'd like a sweater like that for myself! Wonderful work! =D

Lupie said...

Just the sweetest little sweater!


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