Sunday, March 29, 2009

FO: Presto, change-o, it's a bear!

First you knit a long strip of fabric like this:

Fold it in half and sew the sides together just near the fold, pick up some stitches and knit two more strips:

Keep sewing and stuffing, add some embroidery, and voila! It's a bear!

This is the third year that a fellow at our university who does service learning has organized a collection for the Mother Bear Project, collecting hand-knitted bears, all using the same pattern, to send as comfort toys for AIDS orphans in Africa. The pattern is available for a $5 donation, and can be shared among people in a group who are all working together.

Gizmo says, "I can has bear, too? Iz nice bear."


Anonymous said...

Very cute- both the bear and Gizmo.

lunaticraft said...

Adorable. And your kitty is so sweet! =D


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