Monday, March 30, 2009

FO: The Mother of Invention -- DVD/CD Drive Sleeve (with free pattern)

So I have a beautiful MacBook Air that I got last June and simply adore. It's featherweight, it can slide into a manila envelope, and it's perfect for travel and for presenting at conferences. Of course, that incredible thinness and lightness comes at a price -- it lacks a built-in DVD/CD drive. Consequently I bought a featherweight USB DVD/CD drive made to go with it. But since I carry it around in a mere sleeve on a strap (a fabulous laptop sleeve made by Waterfield Designs, which makes THE best laptop cases EVER), and the drive is just a little too big for the gear pouch that clips on to the sleeve, I had to carry the drive inside the sleeve with the computer. I kept a few odd papers in the sleeve to separate them and keep them from scratching one another, but that lacks a certain chic.

So what does one do with a naked DVD/CD drive?

What a knitter does it go to the stash and whip something up. C'mon, the thing is square, so how hard can this be?

No problem! Here's the recipe:

MacBook Air DVD/CD Drive sleeve

5 DPNs US size 4 (3.5 mm)
One pair size 4 (3.5 mm) straight needles (optional)
Elann Sonata cotton yarn (or other DK yarn of your choice)

Gauge: 21 stitches over 4 inches

Cast on 60 stitches over 4 needles (15 stitches on each needle) using a cast-on of your choice. Join, being careful not to twist the stitches. Knit two rounds, purl one round, knit two more rounds, purl one round, then continue knitting in the round until the work is long enough to cover the drive (about 5 1/2 inches). Holding the work flat, do a two-needle bind-off. This is a little easier if you slip the stitches onto two straight needles, 30 stitches on each needle, and use one of the DPNs to work the bind-off. Or, if you want to really amaze your friends, graft the ends together using kitchener stitch so that the sleeve appears completely seamless.

Cord strap: About 2 1/2 inches from the top edge, pick up and knit four stitches in the middle of the sleeve. Work these 4 stitches until you have a strap about 1 1/2 inch long. Bind off and stitch to the sleeve OR graft the live stitches to the stitches on the sleeve.

Weave in ends. Slip in your drive. You're off and running.

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lunaticraft said...

Very cool. I didn't realize that the Macbook air didn't have a CD/DVD drive in it... I guess it makes sense though! =D


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