Saturday, September 7, 2013

Yarn Bowl Painting!

You know those paint-it-yourself pottery places? Turns out our local one, Create A Memory, has yarn bowls in stock! One of our knitters, Jean, decided we all needed to do a field trip and check this out. There were a limited number of bowls available, but some of us got to claim bowls, while others had different projects in mind.

The group gathered on a Saturday afternoon at a table they'd reserved for us. There was a big birthday party and some other party going on at the same time, so it was a pretty hopping place!

We started out with plain bisque bowls or cups or tiles or whatever it was that people wanted to work on.

We had some instruction before we got started on how to use the glazes, what kinds of tools are available, and some various tips for painting.

And boy, do they have tools! Bins of foam or rubber stamps, lots of brushes, scraping tools for correcting things or etching, stencils, bottles of base coats, opaque glazes, and tiny bottles with pen-like tips for writing.

The group gets down to work. Everyone has something, adults and kids alike.

I got quite cute with mine. It looks especially twee before it's fired because the colors are still pastel. They'll brighten considerably during firing, so it will be... very bright twee. But hey, yarn themes, so there ya go. Inside, I painted a bowl of yarn and kitties. I used stamps to dab on the kitty shapes, then painted them.

Outside, I borrowed a design idea from a child's cardigan, the Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan, and included a black sheep in the design. The sheep started out as stamps, too.

Jean goes High Art on her yarn bowl with her own take on Van Gough's Starry Night (and added a teeny Tardis, just because):

Jenny went to work on a plain bowl, adding her own free-form swirls.

Mia made a mug with an undersea design, while little Olivia found, of all things, a ceramic cell phone! She chose that as her project.

It'll be a few days before we can pick up our finished projects, after they're fired and they cool.

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Mereknits said...

What a fantastic idea, I love yarn bowls and making the perfect one for yourself sounds like so much fun.


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