Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pardon me while I go faint from envy...

So, there's this conversation on Ravelry from someone aboard the Wool Boat who sells some wool to a gentleman looking to pick up wool for his wife, and the benefits he will get at home if he brings home something nice...

Hold on, hold on...

Wool Boat?!?!

Yes, indeed! It's a real business, a boat that goes up and down certain canals in England, selling yarn to people in small towns where the local yarn shop has closed down.

Here's the web site: Welcome Aboard the Wool Boat

And here's a picture borrowed from the web site of this wondrous thing:

Go and look at the website right now to see the entire glory of the operation.

So how come no career counselor EVER has suggested such a career, combining oh, so many things that I like into one occupation? Okay, so I live on the other side of the hemisphere and there aren't any navigable canals here in the Pacific NorthWet, and the smaller rivers aren't so friendly to boat traffic... but still... England... on the water... yarn...


I think the best we'd do around here is a Yarn RV, driving from town to town, and that's not nearly as envy-producing.

ETA: Also on Ravelry (The Wool Boat group) and Facebook (The Wool Boat FB page).

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Mereknits said...

Oh swoon, I will move over there with you and help you out. There is a yarn RV In California, they sell yarn right out of it.


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