Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Knittin' on the Rails 2013

Hello, back again after being far too busy for my own good. Much to post about FOs and such, but for now, a day away from the busy busy-ness to go on a yarn crawl to Portland on Memorial Day Weekend. Here are some highlights from the trip:

The Amtrak pulls into the station at Salem, where Helen and I awaited, bringing the delegation from Eugene.

This is the way to travel! Comfortably seated, a convenient table to use, lots of leg room, and plenty of knitting to keep us occupied. Airlines, take note.

Once in Portland, we bought day passes for the TriMet system and took a bus over to the east side of town, where we hit Twisted. Alas, I didn't think to get the camera out until after we were done, and missed documenting the Wonderful Wall 'o Sock Yarn. I'll leave it a mystery, then, and entice others to the delights of Twisted.

Just steps away was the Rose and Thistle pub, where we lunched on pub fare. I had to taste the Scotch Eggs, along with a good salad.

Back on the bus and back to the west side, where three beautiful yarn shops lie within walking distance of one another. First, Pearl Fiber Arts:

Just a few of the delights inside. Notice the beautiful Rockefeller shawl around the owner's shoulders, done up in rainbow-toned Poems sock yarn.

We took the streetcar up a few blocks to visit KnitPurl, and again, overcome by wool fumes, I forgot to photograph the interior. There were lovely things inside, trust me!

After a refreshing repast at The Tea Zone, and with the train's departure time approaching, we made a dash for Dublin Bay, where Helen found a few Jamieson yarns that she needed.

I was fairly conservative in my buying, considering all the wonders that I saw. I came away with a skein of Poems Sock for a future shawl, a skein of Black Trillium sock yarn for a sock pattern I have in mind, two books of adorable knitted toys, the Sock Report, and a pattern for a darling little short-sleeve cardigan.

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