Friday, March 23, 2012

Catching up on FOs, Part 1: Pine Ridge box

Aaaand it's a wrap. I posted winter term grades this afternoon, and I'm mostly ready for the first day of spring term, Monday after next.

So, now I can catch up on posting FOs.

Let's see... last I left off, there were only two scarves for my box for Pine Ridge. I took the leftovers from those and made a third. I warped with brown and tan, and alternated gray and black in the weft:

The pattern in the warm is 1 brown, 2 heather tan. The weft is 1 black, 1 gray. Here's the effect from a distance:

And a close-up of the weave:

Also, I used leftover Cascade Eco+ wool to make a vest using the Vest in Jiffy pattern from Lion Brand:

The scarves and the vest went into the box, as well as a black vest I'd knit years ago using the Midnight Express pattern and Lion Brand CottonEase. It came out too big for me and I thought I'd try altering it, but I never did. Well, it'll fit someone.

All together, this is what I sent off to Pine Ridge reservation:

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