Sunday, January 1, 2012

Crafty New Year 2011

Hello, 2012! May this year defy all dire predictions and be the best one ever, for everyone, in every way. (I mean really, just because the Mayan calendar supposedly runs out this year is no reason to panic. What do you do when your calendar runs out? You buy a new one, right?)

Continuing the tradition begun last year, the Salem Area Ravelers got together for a craft-a-long at the IKE Box. Most folks came with their knitting. I brought my spinning. We had a raffle and raised $186 for Isaac's Room Foundation, which helps us feel like we're paying our fair rent for the space that we get to use free.

It's hard to get good candid shots indoors with the kind of lighting that's in the ballroom. Besides, when people are bent over their work, they tend to look serious. We were having fun. Really we were.

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WorstedKnitt said...

Looks like you had a good time! Happy 2012!


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