Monday, September 19, 2011

World Wide Spin in Public Day!

We did it again! World Wide Spin in Public Day at the IKE Box, hosted by the Salem Area Ravelers was a success! I only wish I'd gotten more pictures.

We had a raffle table, with lots of donations, including fiber and silky Socks that Rock donated by Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and yarn and dyed silk hankies from Three Fates Yarn:

And speaking of Three Fates Yarn, Stephania set up a booth to sell her luscious creations:

We had spinning going on, as well as knitting, beaded crochet, and drum carding going on.

With special guest appearance by Omar, all of four weeks old and bottle fed since he was an abandoned newborn:

Omar says, "Heck yeah, we're having fun here!"


Katie said...

I wanted to go, but didn't have the spoons to do a kid party, Target, and spinning at once. So I'm happy y'all had fun without me. :)

Lizzie said...

It looks like so much fun and Omar is adorable.


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