Friday, September 2, 2011

Bridges of Marion County Scarf - My first for-sale design!

Hoorah! I finally did it! I've got a PDF pattern up for sale on Ravelry! With some good photography thanks to my hubby, a lovely day for taking photos on the local footbridge over the Willamette, finally finding a knitting stitch font that I liked so I could work out the chart out in Excel, and then finally coming up with a layout and set of pattern instructions that I liked, Bridges of Marion County Scarf is ready to go.

It's a lovely, long scarf knitted from light fingering-weight yarn and designed to show off yarns with long color runs. I used a handspun silk/wool blend from Dicentra Designs (Aventurine colorway) and spun it as a chain-plyed 3-ply to preserve the colors. (Dicentra dyes yarn as well as fiber in her various colorways.)

Because some people love charts and some people love written directions for lace, the pattern has both. Can't beat that. I've arranged the pretty pictures mostly on their own pages, except for a close-up of the edging that I put on the page with the chart, so that people have a choice of printing everything out, pictures and all, or printing out just a page of text or just the chart. Y'all know how expensive printer ink is.

I got a lot of admiration for this scarf at Sock Summit, so I thought I really had to get it written up and out there. So, world, here it is.

Ravelry even provides a nice little buy now link. Pretty cool.


Mereknits said...

Karen, it is just beautiful.

Lina said...

It's gorgeous! Congratulations on your first for-sale pattern! :)



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