Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Knitters for Lucky the Cat - A Raffle!

Aw, poor Lucky. This sweet kitty was rescued from a drainage ditch, but given to a shelter when his owners couldn't care for him. The shelter discovered why Lucky's eyes kept watering and crusting -- Lucky has no eyelids! His condition can be fixed with surgery, but it'll cost about $3000. That's why Lucky has his own website with a ChipIn link, which has raised a little over half the costs of surgery.

To help raise a bit more, the Under the Spell of an Orange Cat group on Ravelry (yes, there is a group for everything on Ravelry) is holding a wonderful fiberlicious raffle. Yarns, needle holders, spinning fiber, and other goodies are posted there as prizes. Tickets are $5 each.

I know with earthquakes and tsunamis and tornados ravaging the earth, one little kitty may not seem like much to think about. And yes, the need and human suffering worldwide is still huge. But kitty lovers are gonna give this a go and see if a whole lot of tiny donations can add up for this little furbaby.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Lucky truly is lucky and has his problem solved! I'm off to help out. :) samm@ravelry


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