Monday, May 2, 2011

Cap'n Jenny Sets Sail

I'm sure everyone living in the U.S. of A. is fully aware of the economic times and the cutbacks in the public workforce. Not long ago, the cuts struck our own county offices, where friend and fellow knitter Jenny worked in the planning department until her job was eliminated. Thanks to seniority, while her old job may be gone, the county needed to find her a new job in the vast layoff-and-job-shuffle dance they performed. One of the jobs that she could take -- pilot of the Buena Vista ferry that crosses the Willamette River most of the year, except in winter. Here's a stock photo of it:

Well, Jenny interviewed and got the job! Of course we're all wildly jealous, all saying, "I wanna drive the ferry boat!" and, "Best view out of an office window ever," and, "Think of all the knitting time!" 'Cause it crosses the river in a very rural place where there isn't a whole lot of traffic. Today was her first day of training, on a different ferry since the Buena Vista is getting rebuilt. She's started a blog about it here on Blogger, so if you want to read all about ferry boat piloting, check out the Cap'n Jenny blog. We're hoping she'll post a picture a day once she's in the piloting groove, out on the river with the ospreys and blue herons and occasional bald eagles.

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Cindy G said...

That ferry looks so much like one we have here in Wisconsin. Good for Captain Jenny!


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