Saturday, March 12, 2011

I can hardly fathom...

...the extent of devastation in Japan.

The New York Times has this interactive satellite before-and-after image of Natori, perhaps the worst-hit area.

Also, this interactive map with photos of the post-tsunami devastation.

On their way or on the ground already are first-response teams from the Red Cross, Shelter Box, Doctors Without Borders, and other relief organizations.

A huge swath of the country has been shaken, scoured, flooded, burned, or otherwise wiped from the map. Tens of thousands of people are dead or missing.

Parts of the Oregon and northern California coast were hit also -- far less structural damage on land, but the marinas full of commercial fishing vessels, on which the economy of those communities depends, were hit hard.

Please give. Please give generously.


Helen B said...

For the next week I'm offering fifty cents off certain patterns on Ravelry, with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders for Japan relief and I'm paying the sales fees - who else can help raise funds?


Mereknits said...

Karen, I so agree. My nephew's wife is from Japan where all her family is located. So, so sad for all these lovely people.

Karen said...

Folks, you can find Helen's patterns on Ravelry, here:

I haven't seen a Ravelry tag for Japan relief yet, but keep watching. I know other designers are starting to donate proceeds from patterns as well.


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