Sunday, March 13, 2011

FO: Silver and Gold Filigree Scarf

Here's a mathematical proof I think we can all get behind:

One skein of luxury yarn (Artyarns Ensemble cashmere and silk blend in a silver and gold colorway)...

plus one elegant pattern (Scroll Lace Scarf by Ysolda Teague)...

equals two yards of bliss to wrap around one's neck.

Isn't math fun?

The yarn is slightly heavier than what the pattern called for, so I made some adjustments: I found I preferred US size 7 needles, I made only 25 repeats of the lac border pattern instead of the 28 called for, and after picking up stitches along the edge of the border, I had to recalculate how far to knit to begin the short rows that shape the body. I used a gram scale as I knit the border and stopped when I was within 10g of having used up half of the yarn, figuring about half was in the border and half in the body. I finished the picot border with a very small ball left, so my figuring came out right. The pattern calls for knitting the body in stockinette, and many who have tried this pattern complain that it rolls -- I tried knitting the body in garter stitch to prevent rolling as others have done, but it was too much texture and didn't enhance the sheen of the yarn like stockinette does. So I ended with a garter border on the upper edge before the picot bind-off.

And it still rolls. Dern. Oh, well, it still makes a lovely scarf. If I try the pattern again, I may try some other stitch pattern for the body that is mostly stockinette but has enough purls or yarn-overs to stop the roll.

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Pooch said...

Your scarf is gorgeous with or without the roll. Luscious yarn too!



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