Saturday, January 1, 2011

Crafting In the New Year

When I was a kid, we'd ring in the New Year on New Year's eve, sitting up until midnight, eating chips and clam dip, and taking the brass dinner bell out to ring it and shout, "Happy New Year!" The next day we'd have a big family dinner, generally a ham or sometimes a beef roast, since we'd been turkey-ed out from Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Dad passed away twelve years ago, and the tradition faded away for various reasons. But this year I've got a new "tradition" to go with.

Our knitting group decided to do a Craft a New Year event, bringing together our group and others from the community to knit, crochet, bead, spin, scrapbook, weave, and otherwise craft together, celebrating the human creative spirit.

I came with spinning gear to demonstrate spinning on a wheel and on a spindle.

We filled the main room of the Ike Box with crafters of all kinds.

Folks coming in were greeted with working spinning wheels and spindles.

Lavelle showed off scrapbooking and helped people make sample projects.

Betsy got a friend started with knitting.

We had a bead artist and a woodworker showing off their skills.

Many of us brought donations for the raffle. The proceeds went to support Issac's Room, the non-profit that runs the Ike Box and helps at-risk youth.

Stephania brought baskets full of Three Fates Yarns for sale. I went home with a skein of grass-green sock yarn that will be perfect for the Citron shawl, and a braid of BFL top. Now that Steph can take payment in plastic on-site, we're all in trouble.

Little Josephine took it all in -- future crafter in the making.

While baby Ellie, newest member of the group, wrapped head to toe in hand knits, soaked up all that good crafting mojo.

We raised something between $150 and $200 for Issac's Room, and had a great time.


Crafty Mama said...

What a fantastic event! Love it, love it.

Caffeine Girl said...

That looks like such a fun evening! I love getting together with other crafters!

And raising money for a good cause is a lovely way to start the new year.


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