Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bad... Revolution?

This has nothing to do with knitting.

They didn't even put in les tricoteuses.

But it was just too good not to share.

I don't know what it is about this video. Maybe it's the swingin' tune. Maybe it's the lyrics, which are better (and more educational) than the original. Maybe it's the choreography (which I also prefer to the original).

But something about this music video by historyteachers just tickled my funny bone, and I keep playing it over and over. It's been my earworm all week. These gals are fabulous singers, and appear to be real history teachers as well.

So viva la Revolution in France to the tune of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance:

Check out the rest of the channel, too. St. Thomas Aquinas, improbably to the tune of Venus, is just about as fun. There's also Chinese Dynasties, Canterbury Tales, and for anyone trying to memorize all of those wives, try Henry VIII.


Susan said...

That was so much fun! Thanks for the great start to my day. I'll be singing "It's bubonic - B-U-B-O-N-I-C" all day!

lunaticraft said...

That's fantastic!! If only there were some American History ones I might be able to use them in class! haha

Mrs. Burvall said...

Thanks for the compliments! I am MRs. B, lyricist, singer, and performer in this video - just want to let you know that there's only 1 of me (we just triplicate video footage)...take care and have fun,
Mrs. B


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