Monday, October 19, 2009

From the Ashes of Disaster...

Remember the Case of the Misplaced Purls? The knitting fates must have decided it was time for a sequel, I guess. I was working happily along on my Celtic cable shrug, in yummy Terra yarn by The Fibre Company, when I spotted this six inches down from the needles:

You'd think I would have noticed six inches ago that the cable was crossing the wrong way, but no, distracted by the combined wool, alpaca, and silk fumes, I kept merrily along, making wrong-way cable after wrong-way cable, until I finally thought, "Hey... weren't the two four-by-four cables supposed to twist in opposite directi....ohhhh, &*#@!!!"

Entirely loath to frog back six inches of fancy cable work, I figured there wasn't much to lose in trying the drop-down-two-stitches-and-re-work-just-the-cable trick. So knit over to the offending cable, chose one side of it, and let 'er rip.

After catching the dropped stitches at the point where I needed to reverse direction, I took up a second DPN and set to work, re-knitting the dropped stitches and putting the cable to rights:


This put me in mind of the following ditty from the old Disney movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the cute movie with the awful title that kids had way too much fun making fun of. Nominally it's about a car. Mostly it's about a lot of catchy little pub tunes in search of a plot. Like this one:


Caffeine Girl said...

This is quite impressive. I don't think I understand the process well enough to do it. But you clearly do!

Lupie said...

I have had to do this kind of rework on cables in the past. Scary but such a good feeling when you are able to fix it.

adrienne said...

Oh wow! I'm glad you got that fixed up - it's going to be lovely!

Nalamienea said...

you, ma'am, impress my socks off! I bow to your superior knitting skillz!! ;)

Megan said...

Wow- dropping cabled stitches would scare me to death but you did it and the cable looks even neater and better than before! I am inspired to try something like this (because we've all been there) instead of frogging the whole thing next time! You are a fearless knitter!


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