Saturday, October 24, 2009

Making some little differences on Make a Difference Day

A little leftover superwash sock yarn, a pattern for the Basic Baby Spiral Hat from Ravelry, and voila! Some warm little preemie caps for our city hospital's NICU.

Today is Make a Difference Day, a day when people all over the US are busy giving their time to various volunteer projects. My knitting group's project was small -- because the recipients are all pretty small. These tiny little hats help premature babies retain warmth, which helps their chances of survival.

Here are the ones we collected this afternoon. They're off to be blessed, then will be taken to the hospital:

Our hospital has around ten preemies to care for every month, so preemie hats are kind of our ongoing project. Several skeins of baby yarn just started making the rounds among us for the next collection date.


Caffeine Girl said...

This is such a good cause. Good for you and your group!

helenkosings said...

What a nice idea!

lunaticraft said...

Such cute hats for such a fantastic cause.


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