Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm melting... meeeelllting...

Helloooo, summer!

It is currently 107 degrees F (the F might mean Farenheit or might mean &*#*%-ing HOT depending on who you ask), and tomorrow promises to be a toasty 108 degrees. We are breaking heat records. Uh, hooray?

Hullo, Mother Nature? Those things I said about the ice storm last December? I take them back. Can we turn down the local thermostat to something in between, something tolerable? At least until the hardware store has a new shipment of portable air conditioners?

I've retreated to the basement where the indoor temperature is in the low 80's, until it cools off outdoors enough to open the windows again. Nighttime temps are supposed to be in the 70's, not exactly cool, but later this week the nights are supposed to be down in the 50's again and daytime temps down in the upper 80's.

Maybe tomorrow we'll take in a movie. In an air conditioned theater. Can we make it a double feature?


Lupie said...

OMG 107-108 A movie does sound like the right place to be.

Nalamienea said...

You must be from somewhere on the west coast? :) My family is in BC and they're breaking records there too!

Drink lots of water and watch out for your neighbors, k? :)


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